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关于巴西ABC联邦大学Fábio A. S. Mota 博士的学术报告的通知
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报告题目:Challenges of green propellants: From ignition to airframe

报告人:Fábio A. S. Mota 博士(巴西ABC联邦大学)

报告时间:2022年9月8日(周四) 19:00-20:30;  腾讯会议 129-938-915 

报告摘要:Having different purposes, the search for green fuels for aircrafts and spacecrafts has attracted increasing attention over the last two decades. The growth of air transport and global emission reductions are the main driving factors behind research about replacement of petroleum-based jet fuels. Hydrazine and its derivatives are the standard fuels for spacecraft propulsion systems since the beginning of space age. However, due to their toxic and carcinogenic properties, new restrictions or even ban are possible in the coming years.  In this talk, we will discuss about the challenges of using cryogenic fuels (LH2 and LNG) for aviation and new promising hypergolic non-toxic fuels with hydrogen peroxide for spacecraft propulsion.

报告人简介:Dr. Mota is a Tenured Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Federal University of ABC (UFABC) since 2017. During this period, he was guest researcher at German Aerospace Center (DLR) where he joined the Rocket Propulsion Department to develop a software tool capable of optimizing reusable rockets using different propellant combinations. He holds a PhD in Space Engineering and Technology at National Institute for Space Research (INPE) where he was granted a scholarship to spend one year at OTH Regensburg in 2015. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at State University of Maringá (UEM) in 2011. His current research interests are hypergolic green propellants for space applications, analysis and optimization of launch vehicles and green aviation.

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